DO-254 Hardware Development

Our experts combat the rigors of achieving DO-254 compliance by providing unrivaled hardware engineering through development, verification and certification.

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DO-178C Software Development

Richland Technologies utilizes flexible, low risk software engineering strategies with a fully-documented development lifecycle to meet DO-178B/C requirements

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Systems Engineering

Customers and suppliers rely on Richland Technologies to deliver the highest quality safety-critical systems engineering solutions on time and on budget.

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Automotive, Medical and Industrial Displays

Our experienced engineers help automotive, medical and industrial software developers meet strict standards for quality and reliability

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Safety Critical Engineering for Hardware and Software



RTL’s Open Standard Reconfigurable & Certifiable Computer Architecture (ORCCA) provides a perfect combination of power and flexibility required for implementing innovative commercial and military avionics systems.

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The Versatile Integrated Processing Unit Rev-X (VIPUR-X) is the first in a family of DO-178C and DO-254 certifiable avionics video processing units and computing platforms.


Embedded Graphics

Richland Technologies’ suite of bespoke embedded graphics libraries gives developers and integrators the tools to tackle safety and mission critical projects with confidence

State of the Art Avionics Engineering

Richland Technologies LLC (RTL) is a major provider of safety-critical systems, software and hardware certification and development for the civil and military avionics industry. We specialize in the engineering of low SWaP (Size, Weight and Power) DO-178B and DO-254 embedded computing solutions for display systems, Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS) and primary flight displays. Our hugely experienced and highly skilled group of engineers have direct knowledge of developing and guiding DO-178B and DO-254 projects. This talented team is supplemented by a trusted group of external partnerships to help provide unrivaled customer support.
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Certifiable Safety-Critical Graphics Libraries

Our OpenGL graphics libraries (RTGL) include:

  • RTGL SoftPipe is the aviation industry’s first DO-178C certifiable, multicore software renderer that eliminates the need for dedicated graphics hardware.
  • RTGL HardPipe OpenGL libraries provide high-performance hardware accelerated graphics rendering supporting a wide range of graphics processing units (GPUs) such as the AMD E8860 and a variety of Real Time Operating Systems.
  • RTGL HybridPipe is an innovative solution combining the most desirable attributes of both software rendering and hardware accelerated graphics.

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Modular Multipurpose Embedded Computing Solutions

Aligned with the FACE™ 2.1 safety standards, RTL’s Open Standard Re-configurable & Certifiable Computer Architecture (ORCCA™) is a low SWaP embedded computing solution suitable for a wide variety of civil and military computing applications.
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