Mercury Mission Systems is built on a foundation of trust, integrity and knowledge that are supported by our partners and affiliates, who play an integral role in the development and growth of our business. Our partners are considered an extension of our team and help enhance, deliver and support our solutions through relationships that ensure our customers always receive maximum value.

Green Hills Software

Green Hills SoftwareFounded in 1982, Green Hills Software is the largest independent software vendor for the Internet of Things. In 2008, the Green Hills INTEGRITY-178 RTOS was the first and only operating system to be certified by NIAP (National Information Assurance Partnership comprised of NSA & NIST) to EAL 6+, High Robustness, the highest level of security ever achieved for any software product. Our open architecture integrated development solutions address deeply embedded, absolute security and high-reliability applications for the military/avionics, medical, industrial, automotive, networking, consumer and other markets that demand industry-certified solutions. Green Hills Software is headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA, with European headquarters in the United Kingdom.


aldecAn industry leader in Electronic Design and Automation since 1984, Aldec offers end-to-end solutions for DO-254 compliance. Accepted by DO-254 DERs and proven to decrease FPGA design and verification cycle, Military and Aerospace solutions from Aldec include: Requirements Management and Traceability, Target device at-speed testing with testbench reuse, HDL graphical design entry and RTL simulation, Code Coverage for Elemental Analysis, HDL Design Rule Checking and IP Core Validation in the target device.


ldraFor more than forty years, Liverpool Data Research Associates (LDRA) has developed and driven the market for software that automates code analysis and software testing for safety, mission, security, and business critical markets. Working with clients to achieve early error identification and full compliance with industry standards, LDRA traces requirements through static and dynamic analysis to unit testing and verification for a variety of hardware and software platforms. LDRA is headquartered in the U.K. with subsidiaries in the United States and India coupled with an extensive distributor network.



esterel-technologiesEsterel Technologies is a leading provider of critical systems and software development solutions for the aerospace, defense, rail transportation, nuclear, and industrial & automotive domains. System and software engineers use SCADE® solutions to graphically design, verify, and automatically generate critical systems and software applications with high dependability requirements. Esterel Technologies SCADE product solutions easily integrate, allowing for development optimization and increased communication among team members.

Tech Source

TechsourceEstablished in 1987 and based near Orlando FL., Tech Source has been a pioneer in high performance computer graphics hardware solutions for niche markets. With a strong engineering team, the company has evolved over the years, now serving several markets that include Air Traffic Control/Management (ATC/ATM), avionics, military and embedded systems with several COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) and tailored (custom) products. The product range includes graphics, imaging and video capture boards, H.264 encoders, GPGPU processors (OpenCL and CUDA), and high compression video recorders.


presagisPresagis is an industry leader in commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) embedded graphics software for the commercial and military avionics markets. Presagis provides VAPS XT, a Human Machine Interface (HMI) development tool and SeaWind OpenGL graphics drivers for creating graphically-rich cockpit displays. For 25 years Presagis has driven industry innovation by being first to market with automatic code generation, a DO-178B/C qualifiable code generator, an ARINC 661 compliant toolset, and DO-178B/C certifiable OpenGL graphics drivers. Presagis software is used by virtually every major avionics systems integrator worldwide and has been deployed by hundreds of aircraft including over 50 Do-178B/C certification projects.

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