Mercury Mission Systems is a leading developer of versatile embedded avionics computers and computing architectures which utilize a Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) to provide customers with flexible systems that can host a variety of safety and mission critical applications. Our team of skilled engineers started by developing ORCCA, an open standard, reconfigurable architecture that is fully certifiable to both RTCA DO-178B and DO-254 DAL A. Based off ORCCA, our team has also been able to successfully develop the VIPUR series of avionics computers, which utilizes ORCCA’s sophisticated computing base, but with added proprietary video and graphics processing capabilities of DO-178 and DO-254 certifiable, ruggedized, powerful and space-efficient embedded avionics computers that offer multi-core processing capability with an array of interfacing options.

ORCCA was developed to meet a number of challenges presented by Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA), providing segregated and abstracted modular design and safety-critical multi-core processing that supports open and industry standards, but with increased portability, scalability and performance.

VIPUR-X is the first in a family of DO-178C and DO-254 certifiable embedded avionics video processing units and computing platforms that is ruggedized, powerful and space-efficient, while also offering sophisticated graphics processing, making it ideal for a variety of domains including Enhanced Vision Systems and Primary Flight Displays.

ORCCA Embedded Avionics Architecture


DO-178B and DO-254 certifiable computing architecture which maximizes flexibility and performance
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VIPUR Embedded Avionics Computers


Modular avionics computing platform based on ORCCA with state of the art image processing capabilities
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