Mercury Mission Systems Graphics Libraries

The RTGL  graphics display drivers enable application developers to create content-rich embedded graphics applications and user interfaces for mission and safety-critical systems deployed in aerospace, defense, automotive, medical or industrial environments. Our drivers are certifiable to the highest levels of software criticality recognized by the FAA, EASA, Transport Canada and the JAA. Despite being deployed mostly in commercial and military aircraft, these libraries are designed for use in any embedded computing system where the strictest levels of reliability are mandated by a regulatory agency, including FDA 501(k) devices.

RTGL’s modular architecture allows easy portability between systems with minimal software change, significantly reducing the time and costs of customization and certification. Mercury Mission Systems offers a variety of product options including the driver binary, binary plus source code, diagnostic tools, and the full set of artifacts required for certification of the driver in its target environment.

Mercury Mission Systems offers a portfolio of embedded graphics libraries supporting a variety of industry standard API’s including Open GL ES 1.x, OpenGL ES 2.0 and OpenGL SC.

RTGL libraries support the full spectrum of graphics performance requirements, from simple 2D instrument clusters to sophisticated real-time 3D Synthetic Vision scene generation.

Our close ties with hardware partners such as AMD, Intel, Freescale, and Texas Instruments, as well as all the major RTOS vendors, allow us to accommodate the next generation of product lines long before they are introduced to market.

Hardware Accelerated Embedded Graphics Solutions

Hardware Accelerated Solutions

OpenGL libraries for popular GPU and SoC devices[Read More]

Software Graphics Rendering

Software Rendering Solutions

High Performance SW Rasterizer for systems without a GPU[Read More]

IP Core Accelerator Hybrid Rendering

Hybrid Rendering Solutions

DO-254 DAL A certifiable FPGA IP Core Acceleration for use with RTGL SoftPipe[Read More]

Image Integrity Monitor

Image Integrity Monitoring

Real-time monitoring and verification of display screen integrity[Read More]

Supported Embedded Graphics Technologies

Supported Graphics Technologies

OpenGL drivers and APIs for a variety of graphics device OEMs[Read More]