Mercury Mission Systems  has performed extensive analysis of the SoftPipe rendering solution on a variety of target architectures. For the majority of avionics applications, SoftPipe on its own is sufficient to achieve the performance requirements of Primary Flight Displays, EFIS and other high criticality applications.

FPGA IP Core Graphics Acceleration: An innovative solution

However, there are some applications which require a higher level of performance and for these we offer an innovative, comprehensive solution: RTGL’s FPGA IP Core Graphics Accelerator. The innovative, hybrid solution eliminates the necessity of introducing a GPU, while offering FPGA IP core graphics acceleration for “bottleneck” operations and offers industry leading rasterization and screen control functionality, along with the DO-254 evidence required for use within DAL A applications.

Staying a step ahead of future demands

Mercury Mission Systems’ employee’s participation in the activities of several industry standard setting bodies has influenced the development of graphics and portability specifications in ways that best serve our customers. We also leverage our vendor partnerships to accommodate changes in embedded computing technologies, during our product’s life-cycles. Our close ties with hardware partners, as well as RTOS vendors, allow us to begin accommodating the next generation of their product lines long before they are introduced to the market.