Mercury Mission Systems’ OpenGL software graphics renderer is a software library tailored for general purpose and safety-critical environments. This efficient, small footprint software library performs software-based graphics rasterizing in embedded systems that employ both general-purpose and safety critical systems using a single, consistent API. Certifiable to DO-178C Level A, the OpenGL software graphics renderer is designed to be deployed in aerospace and defense systems and other environments where performance and reliability are critical.

RTGL SoftPipe features unique, optimized software rasterizing algorithms and advanced technology that supports high fidelity, real-time graphics applications on embedded computing platforms not equipped with GPUs or integrated graphics acceleration. The RTGL SoftPipe rasterizer reduces the risk and cost associated with graphic hardware components while providing a superior obsolescence management approach and easy system upgrade.


  • Full OpenGL SC functionality to enable OpenGL applications in systems with minimal or no graphics hardware support
  • Industry leading performance on embedded targets supporting SIMD streaming
  • Concurrent processing of vector and color operations
  • Deterministic support for multicore processors and multi-threading
  • Optional virtualized driver enabling a standard processor to function as a dedicated GPU in the system
  • Complete, customizable source code usable in any operating system.
  • Small, implementation certifiable to safety standards, including DO-178C.
  • High quality anti-aliased lines and textures at all display resolutions.
  • Configurable frame buffer modes, with or without alpha-out.
  • Rendering using a user-supplied frame buffer to accomplish video blend, static symbology backgrounds, and other special purpose features.

Products and Services: An Integrated Approach

Our safety-critical services team complement and support our Embedded Graphics Products group. Our custom work for diverse clients with varying technological challenges has enabled us to create flexible products and to provide custom embedded hardware and software solutions that overcome some of the most complex system integration challenges in graphics, video, audio, and networking. We achieve this by drawing upon a skilled team of in-house professionals with highly specific expertise in diverse areas, and through our industry alliances with leading hardware and software vendors. This powerful combination of in-house expertise and external partnerships enables us to provide superior quality products and services.