Mercury Mission Systems develops device drivers and software solutions that enable complex graphics functionality in numerous display systems. Our products support a variety of graphics adapters and ASICs as well as a broad range of operating systems. We support hardware accelerated graphics technologies from OEM’s including:

  • AMD: E8860 GPU, G-series SoC
  • Intel: AtomTM, Core i3TM, Core i5TM & Core i7TM with HD4000 and HD5000 graphics
  • TI: Imagination Technologies SGX

RTGL Graphics Libraries have been designed from the ground up for portability across platforms. We add support for additional graphics processors by porting our graphics libraries to the new platform and optimizing the software to take advantage of unique features within the GPU’s graphics subsystem.

OpenGL Embedded and Safety-Critical Drivers

A suite of high-performance embedded and safety-critical OpenGL drivers tuned to customer specific hardware and software configurations.
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