ORCCA Integrated Modular Avionics Computing Architecture

Mercury Mission Systems introduces the Open Standard Re-configurable & Certifiable Computing Architecture (ORCCA) to address the challenges found when creating a safety critical and certifiable avionics computing architecture. The combination of hardware and software modules fully support integrated modular avionics (IMA) architectures or can be packaged together to create standalone qualified and certified computers.

By leveraging the latest hardware and software technologies available, ORCCA gives the avionics designer the ultimate savings in Size, Weight and Power (SWaP).

ORCCA leads the way in providing accessibility to certifiable System on Chip (SoC) modules and multi-core processing. Leveraging open technologies including ARM based processors, OpenGL/CL graphics, FACE™ software interfaces and designing unique configurable input/output processing modules makes ORCCA the most versatile, extensible and cost effective solution for all your avionics computing needs from Primary Flight Displays to UAV flight and mission control.


  • Flexible, high performance, low power integrated modular avionics computing architecture
  • Hardware and Software modules
  • Certification up to RTCA DO-178B/C and DO-254 DAL A
  • Supports diverse avionics and vectronics applications
  • Easily configured to support popular form factors and connectors
  • Ideal for environments where cooling is problematic
  • Open development platform aligned with FACE™ standard
  • Separate ORCCA software module and hardware reference design licensing available.

We have developed and built a small form factor ORCCA reference computer that is available to jump start platform development and also provide proof of concept for the full ORCCA capabilities.