The Versatile Integrated Processing Unit Rev-X (VIPUR-X) is the first DO-178C and DO-254 certifiable avionics video processing unit and computing platform from Mercury Mission Systems. It is expected that VIPUR-X will be the first in a family of computers to hit the market over the next few years. VIPUR-X provides an easy to use, modular architecture suitable for the development and certification of a wide variety of safety and mission critical applications. Based on our Open Standard Re-configurable & Certifiable Computer Architecture (ORCCA), VIPUR-X marries proprietary image processing capabilities to ORCCA’s high-performance multi-core processing power to create a platform that offers the highest level of reliability as well as significant savings in Size, Weight, Power and Cost (SWAP-C).

VIPUR-X’s flexible I/O formats and sophisticated graphics processing make it the ideal solution for sensor fusion applications. VIPUR-X processes image data from multiple sensor inputs and carries out the required graphics processing to produce a single combined video stream transmitted to the Head Up or Head Down Display, while also providing a standard digital interface for the aircraft avionics. With certification evidence available to satisfy the objectives of DO-178C and DO-254 Level A, VIPUR-X can be used in the most critical flight applications. Furthermore, VIPUR-X’s exceptionally low power dissipation make it the ideal solution in environments where cooling can prove problematic.

VIPUR-X Applications

VIPUR-X has been built to provide the avionics developer with modular flexibility, making the unit perfect for a variety of domains including:

  • Avionics Video Processing
  • Enhanced Vision Systems
  • Head-Up Display symbology generation
  • Primary Flight Displays and Multi-Function Displays.

VIPUR-X Features

  • Certifiable up to DO-178C and DO-254 Level A
  • Aligned with FACE™ Technical Safety Standards 2.1
  • Low power (peak power dissipation under 30W)
  • Dual Core ARM processors: Cortex™ A9, Cortex™ M3
  • Fully Redundant I/O Controllers with dedicated CPUs: ARM Cortex™ R4F 32-Bit RISC
  • Proprietary Image Processing
  • Support for popular Real Time Operating Systems including Green Hills INTEGRITY-178B tuMP
  • Graphics Display Drivers and Library Support: OpenGL SC 1.0 Rasterizer
  • Multiple I/O Support: ARINC 818, ARINC 429, Ethernet, Discrete, Fiber Optic, DVI, and Analog.