As the hardware embedded developers use gets more powerful and the software they design and write gets more complex, the need for certification in avionics systems continues to increase. Mercury Mission Systems is available to assist customers by providing avionics certification, training, testing and consulting.

The goal of Mercury Mission Systems’ team of avionics certification consultants is to streamline customer processes, encourage engineering best practices and provide on the job guidance to help our clients meet stringent FAA, EASA and Transport Canada certification standards.

Cost effective, on-time delivery

Our engineers have the expertise to guide avionics certification projects from the planning phase through to implementation and delivery and can provide process reviews, gap analysis and recommendations to ensure standards compliance. Our goal is to always be on time and on budget. To this end, we assure our customers that we will always recommend the minimum necessary certification processes to meet each Design Assurance Level (DAL).

Unrivaled avionics certification support

Whether designing, producing or testing, Mercury Mission Systems’ customized DO-254 hardware and DO-178C software avionics certification packages provide our customers with unmatched end-to-end support that allows successful, on time completion of any project.

Our advice, analysis, reports and recommendations are carried out by trained consultants with significant experience in certification requirements for both commercial and military applications.

DO-254 Hardware Avionics Certification

DO-254 Hardware Development

DO-254 hardware engineering services ranging from full development for complete avionics systems to single FPGA designs.[Read More]

DO-178B Software Avionics Certification

DO-178C Software Development

Full or partial DO-178B/C software development certification up to Level A for any avionics project from initiation to launch.[Read More]